Septic Tank Problems Care and Maintenance


Septic Tank (Pozo Negro) Problems

If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues then it is very likely there is a problem with your septic tank:

  • water on the surface in the vicinity of the septic tank which does not seem to drain away – it may or may not smell
  • A bad smell coming from the tank area, the drains or from a sink or bathroom
  • The toilets remove waste slowly
  • The sinks drain slowly
  • You use the shower and the sink starts to fill

Septic Tank (Pozo Negro) Care and Maintenance

There are a number of things you can do keep your septic tank functioning at its maximum efficiency:

  • Don’t use your septic tank for general waste disposal. The rule of thumb should be that if something can go into a rubbish bin then that’s the best place for it
  • If you have a water softener then be aware that some will discharge salt solution as a by product of the softening process. This should not go into the septic tank as it has an antiseptic effect and will interfere with the bacteria which breaks down the waste
  • Don’t plant trees nearby. Their roots could well damage the system
  • Don’t park a car or drive over the septic tank’s location
  • Don’t put grease, oils or fat down the sink as it will clog up the drains eventually
  • Don’t flush away non-biodegradable items such as sanitary towels, nappies, cigarette ends, cotton buds and paper towels
  • Decent quality toilet tissue is fine – if you want to check this, place a piece in a jar half full of water and shake it. If the tissue breaks up then it’s okay
  • Standard household chemicals such as detergent, bleach and drain cleaners are fine as long as it is from normal use
  • Don’t deposit paint thinner, paint, solvents, varnish or motor oils
  • Ground coffee is a no no as well

Biological Activators

These are products such as “Fosa Septicas activador biologico” sold by Mercadona. We have over many years’ experience in this area and we have never seen any research which indicates these products are of benefit to a septic tank. Indeed this 2011 scientific research concluded:

“…our study does not indicate any long-term, statistically significant effects on solids digestion in septic tanks for additives as a collective group. Our study also does not support using bacterial septic tank additives as a substitute or to reduce septic tank pumping frequency.”

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