Septic Tank Emptying and Cleaning

If you have a problem such as:

  • you can’t get rid of a bad smell in your bathroom or from your drains
  • the water does not easily disappear when you flush the toilet
  • or when you have a shower
  • or when you wash the dishes
  • or when you use a wash basin

This is most likely to be caused by problems with your septic tank (or a blocked pipe leading to the septic tank) and we can solve this problem for you!

We are fully licensed specialists regarding septic tanks, drainage and waste water. We have been in business since 2002 and you can trust us to be fast, efficient, reliable and professional.

It is extremely important that your septic tank is not only emptied but also cleaned. If it is not then there will be a sludge and scum residue which will stick to the walls and base of your septic tank. This will significantly affect the efficiency of your septic tank over time and compromise its ability to allow the liquid to soak away.

Whatever you do, ensure that the company you choose not only empties your septic tank but also cleans it.

Contact Encarna here or phone her on 675 838 808 (she speaks English) for any help you need with your septic tank.

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