Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with all the waste?

The waste is taken to a local waste treatment works

You empty septic tanks but you also provide fresh water for swimming pools?

We have a separate tanker compartment to provide fresh water

How do I tell if the company I want to use is licensed?

Just ask them for their licence number or ask them to email you a copy of their licence that is provided by the Ministry of Environment. Any reputable company will be happy to provide you with this information. See our licence (pdf file)

How do I look after my septic tank?

We have included some advice on this page

How often should I get my septic tank emptied?

That’s very difficult to answer as it will depend on a number of factors:

question markseptic tank size

question markhow many house occupants

question markthe amount of waste and waste water that is deposited

Why does the septic tank need cleaning as well as emptying?

Emptying a septic tank is not enough. If it is not cleaned as well then the sludge and scum will build up inside over time and this will significantly reduce the efficiency of the tank and its ability to allow the liquid to soak away will be adversely affected.

How do I know when it should be emptied?

If you have a problem such as

thumbs downyou can’t get rid of a bad smell in your bathroom or from your drains

thumbs downthe water does not easily disappear when you flush the toilet

thumbs downor when you have a shower

thumbs downor when you wash the dishes

thumbs downor when you use a wash basin

then it is quite likely that your septic tank needs emptying. It will certainly need attention at the very least as there may be a blockage.

Other than this you can visually check the level of your septic tank or by dipping a stick in to monitor the level. Do be VERY careful regarding fumes. You should be absolutely fine in the open air but if your septic tank opening is large enough NEVER EVER get inside.

If you have any question at all then contact Encarna or you can phone her 675 838 808. She does speak English.

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